Hadrian's Wall

Tiers: III–X

Constructed near the modern-day border between England and Scotland, Hadrian’s Wall ran coast-to-coast, over 73km, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Carlisle. Actively manned from AD 122 to AD 410, the wall marked the northern edge of the Roman Empire, serving as an affirmation of Rome’s might.

To Roman eyes, Hadrian’s Wall was the end of the world, beyond which lay darkness and barbarians, the final dividing line between civilization and chaos. For any Roman soldier, being stationed up there felt like a punishment.

Tactical advice

  • A wall divides this map into two halves, one for each team. Five gaps in the wall may be the focus of control contests.
  • Defend the gaps with spear and pike units and deployable consumables like wooden stakes or caltrops.
  • If you lose control of one of the side gaps be ready to defend from flanking attacks launched from the breach.
  • Beware when pushing through a gap in the wall: bunched-up units are easy targets for enemy artillery.

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