Tiers: VIII–X

The largest map in Total War: ARENA, Germania challenges you with its densely forested landscapes, complex routes, and many cliffs, forcing channel-focused combat with emphasis on flanks. It’s the vast strip of dead land at its center that shifts the focus of the battle to the flanks. Surrounded by a sinister Barbarian forest, it can become a dangerous trap for unaware players. The forest, riddled with secluded paths, is best suited to agile units. Two massive bases reside on either side of the hill, with side routes up over the high ground or down the river flowing to south-west from the dead land.

Tactical advice

  • Germania is a huge map with many routes to the enemy base, deep forests, and places to hide. Watch out for ambushes!
  • With a map this large, returning to defend your base can be a challenge. Team co-ordination and mobility are key.
  • The central scar can be a death-trap: avoid getting bogged down in the mud and becoming an easy target for enemy artillery.
  • Use the size of the map to your advantage: the enemy lines will have gaps you can sneak through.

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