Capitoline Hill

Tiers: I–III
Shortly after Romulus and his followers founded Rome, their men sought wives to establish families. Marriage negotiations with the neighbouring Sabini tribe failed, so the Romans abducted their women. Unsurprisingly, this event was known as the 'rape of the Sabine women' and subsequently triggered war.

A Roman traitor opened the city gates to the Sabines. After being forced to retreat up the Capitoline Hill, Romulus rallied his army and promised to build a temple to Jupiter if they survived. Just as the two armies were about to clash, the Sabine women intervened and brokered peace. Roman-Sabine families then settled down and, true to their word, built the Temple of Jupiter Stator on the Capitoline Hill.

Tactical advice

  • This small map is divided into three hills with two valleys in between, creating many opportunities for advantageous use of high ground.
  • As well as giving you the advantage of higher ground, the central hill leads directly to the enemy base.
  • Beware of advancing too far behind enemy lines. With such a small map, enemy reinforcements can arrive quickly.
  • To avoid being attacked from behind, make sure your team has a presence on each of the three hills.

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