Alpis Graia

Tiers: IV–X

Alpis Graia's uneven terrain with considerable height ranges encourages ambushes, hit-and-run operations, and abusing the hills to take on the enemy. The map is divided in two by the central road through the valley and has two more mountainous side lanes. The central road offers the most direct route to the enemy. It’s clear, open, easy to traverse, and flanked by hills that prove an ideal place to set ambushes and catch the opposing forces off-guard. Positioned at the heart of Alpis Graia is the watchtower that provides a major tactical advantage to the forces controlling it. Numerous cliffs scattered across the vast battlefield are particularly suitable for ranged units.

Alpis Graia, with its spectacular jagged alpine mountains soaring above coniferous forests, is inspired by one of the most outrageously bold manoeuvres in military history—Hannibal Barca’s crossing of the Alps during the Second Punic War. Fast-forward two thousand years and experts are still trying to work out how his 30,000-strong army pulled off this improbable 1,000-mile march from Spain into northern Italy. Upon crossing the mountains, Hannibal went on to have several decisive victories, earning himself a reputation as one of history’s best tacticians.

Tactical advice

  • Use the hilly terrain: fighting downhill gives you the advantage.
  • The forests on the northern and southern edges of the map allow you to sneak around the enemy's flank.
  • The watchtowers next to the bases can be used both defensively and offensively. Control them for better base defence.

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