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With tactics as sharp as his army’s blades, Sulla uses his years of battlefield experience to manipulate both his own units and enemies. A commander who constantly thinks several steps ahead, Sulla is a tank who can greatly boost his army’s defences and debuff those who would attack him.


twa icon rome ability sulla fortify I

To protect your troops, command them to Fortify and get into a defensive formation. This will reduce their speed, but allows your troops to resist a charge more effectively and protect themselves in combat.

twa icon rome ability sulla whip III

Whip has many uses: it can be activated to speed up deployable construction time, allowing you to entrench yourself further; or to increase your mobility and reach the front-lines quicker. However, whipping your men will reduce their morale.

twa icon rome ability sulla proscription V

If you need to slow down combat, activate Proscription and reduce the enemy's melee attack at the cost of your own. This powerful debuff allows your troops to soak up even more damage and is incredibly potent in combination with Fortify to increase defence and Whip to mitigate the attack loss.

Sulla (full name, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, 138-78 BCE) was general, consul, and dictator of Rome during the Republic. He revived the dictatorship, and earned the distinction of holding the office of consul twice. A skilled general, he proved his skill in several wars, facing both Roman and foreign opposition.

Sulla would later march on Rome, unprecented at the time, where he would defeat Marius in battle. It was his second march that led to the revival of the dictatorship. These acts would later be mirrored by the likes of Julius Caesar, who would use force to attain power. During his years, Sulla was awarded a Grass Crown, the most prestigious Roman military honor, which he attained during the Social War.

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