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The junior brother of great Hannibal Barca is a versatile support commander. His units can perform quick hit and run attacks wearing enemies down. In a decisive clash of several armies, Hasdrubal may tip the scales by encouraging allies with promises of wealth, and bribing foes.


twa icon carthage ability hasdrubal flying column I
Fast charge that can be performed often.
twa icon carthage ability hasdrubal deep pockets III
Incentivize an allied unit with promises of wealth.
twa icon carthage ability hasdrubal bribe V
Undermine an opponent’s will to stay in the fight.

Hasdrubal Barca (245–207 BCE) was the second son of Hamilcar Barca, a brother of Hannibal Barca and a general for Carthage in the Second Punic War. He ventured to Iberia, where he became bogged down fighting the Scipio Brothers for six years. After briefly returning to Africa and crushing the army of king Syphax, Hasdrubal bribed Roman mercenaries, harassed troops with his Numidian cavalry and ultimately slayed both Scipios in the Battle of the Upper Baetis (211 BCE).

In 209 BCE Hasdrubal crossed the Alps, taking the same path as Hannibal. He intended to join forces with his brother and bring him siege equipment. Hasdrubal was defeated and killed in the Battle of Metaurus, after charging valiantly into enemy lines. Later the Romans threw Hasdrubal’s severed head into Hannibal’s camp.

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