Melee Infantry

Heavily armoured infantry shines when it comes to close combat engagements. Their main weapon is the charge: troops are sent hurtling towards the enemy for a direct frontal assault. Charging can also be used for a quick unit rotation and a tactical retreat.

Light infantry act as skirmishers, running ahead of the main battle lines and aggressively harassing the enemy. Thanks to their mobility, skirmishers are well suited for reconnaissance, especially in wooded areas.

Royal Spartans (Greece)
These elite wield two-meter-long spears, and with their muscle cuirasses, polished greaves, Corinthian crested helmets, and bronze hoplons, are a perfect defensive choice. Their almost impenetrable armor means most missile units will find it hard to deal with the Spartans. However, Royal Spartans will falter in forest combat, so you might want to choose a more mobile and light unit for this purpose.
rom_legionaries (T6)_big
Legionaries (Roman Empire)

Near-mythical figures of the Roman Army, these versatile soldiers land shattering attacks, and few enemies can match their vigor and military skill. However, legionaries are also good in defense and can hang back to protect key positions. Heavy pila that they throw at their enemies from almost point-blank range can easily pierce through shields and the men behind them. After that, legionaries draw their gladii to finish off units in a flurry of stabs and slashes.

bar_falxmen (T5)_53-14.jpg
Falxmen (Barbarians)

Long scythe-shaped swords allow these Barbarian warriors to pierce through enemy armor and helmets at lightning speed due to the power and impetus of their strikes. To kick an enemy when they’re down, their acceleration provided by Momentum dishes out even more damage. While the absence of solid armor makes them vulnerable to missile units' attacks, their bravery, exceptional scouting skills, and—like most Barbarians—they can easily demoralize the enemy.

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