Thanks to their high mobility and improved visibility range, the role of light cavalry gains a further tactical boon when married with artillery units on the battlefield. Cavalry are able to sneak behind enemy lines to locate and ambush enemy artillery and missile units.

Medium cavalry exploits weak points, targeting exposed enemy flanks in formations and charging into the rear of enemy lines. Fast moving and fairly well protected, these units can provide sharp support to your army's flanks.

Skilled in close combat, these cavalrymen are an armored fist to punch through enemy ranks. They greatly complement melee units, either serving as the vanguard of a heavy infantry charge, or providing the perfect follow-up blow against an enemy reeling from an infantry assault.

Companion Cavalry (Greece)

Companion Cavalry is an elite heavily-armed unit. The riders wear cuirasses and Boeotian helmets, heading into battle with long spears, which makes them perfect for ram attacks. Then, with the enemy startled, Companion Cavalry can withdraw to engage in another routing attack. The lack of shields increases their mobility, but also makes them vulnerable to missile and artillery units.

rom_Легионная конница.jpg
Legionary Cavalry (Roman Empire)

Legionary Cavalry consists of 120 well-equipped riders who support infantry and cover flanks. They can engage enemy cavalry on equal terms and contain infantry for some time, which makes them truly versatile warriors. The unit's main weapons are hasta with an iron tip and spatha, a sword longer than the one worn by infantry and, as a result, more suitable for mounted combat. Round wooden hide shields with a metal button at its center, crested bronze helmets, and chain mail or scale armor protect Legionary Cavalry.

bar_noble_horse (T10).jpg
Noble Horse (Barbarians)

Elite cavalry, represented by the best Gaul and German men, is adept at supporting flanks and weathering protracted enemy encounters, where war mounts kick soldiers, and riders can inspire surrounding allies. On par with Roman cavalry, these noble horsemen display exceptional mobility and can strike powerful blows to enemy flanks. After breaking into the enemy formation, Noble Horse leap into a close and crushing fight.

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