The Army tab features an extensive unit tier progression tree for each faction. This is where you can unlock new equipment or new units using either Units or Free XP. The maximum unit tier is 10.

For easy navigation, use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom the research tree in and out.


Melee Infantry


Medium and heavy infantry units shine in close combat. Medium infantry are versatile troops, suitable for both attack and defence. Heavy infantry (Tier VI and higher), as the name suggests, wear heavier armour that makes them rather slow and therefore more useful for defence, but when successfully used offensively they can crush almost any opposition.
A key infantry tactic is the charge: troops advance towards the enemy at their top speed in a direct frontal assault. Charging can also be used for quick unit rotation and tactical retreats.

Role: charge, main attack force, defence

Strengths: heavy armour, road
mobility, difficult terrain (forest, shallow waters, mud)

Light infantry act as skirmishers and ambushers, aggressively harassing the enemy by staging surprise attacks. Barbarian light infantry feels most at ease in forests where they receive bonuses to Speed and Damage. Compared to other infantry units, light infantry can move fairly quickly. This mobility lets them choose the right moment to strike at an exposed flank, triggering an immediate Morale penalty to enemy troops and possibly routing them.

Role: support, ambush, hit-and-run attack

Strength: forest, mobility, falxmen ignore enemy shields
missile infantry, cavalry

War Dogs are a light infantry unit that consists of war dogs and their handlers in light armour. These ferocious hounds are highly efficient combatants capable of giving the enemy lines a good bashing. War dogs can ambush the enemy and disrupt their defenses. They are highly effective against poorly armored units and can break up phalanx formations.

Role: support, flank ambush, pursuit

mobility, charge, evade phalanx attacks
missile infantry, armour

Ranged Infantry


Missile units are valued for their ability to strike down a distant enemy. If handled properly javelinmen, archers and slingers become an unrelenting force, inflicting heavy casualties and demoralizing enemy units before they reach your main forces.
Missile infantry can deal a lot of damage but is very vulnerable in close combat. Cavalry is a nemesis for all missile units, so the best course of action is usually to stick close to your allies; let spearmen or any type of available melee infantry provide protection for your missile infantry.

Role:  recon, support

mobility, long-range attack
armour, cavalry, close combat

Artillery units include catapults, ballistae, and similar engines that fire stones or heavy bolts. With long range and the potential to cause great damage, siege engines usually deploy at a safe distance from the main battlefield and work well with scout units. Scouts point out a target and siege engineers concentrate fire, sending the enemy into oblivion.

Role: tactical support

Strengths: heavy damage, long-range attack, missile weapon penetration damage
missile infantry, cavalry, charge



Light cavalry is used for scouting, surprise attacks on poorly protected targets, and chasing down routed enemy units. Thanks to its unmatched mobility, light cavalry provides further tactical advantages when cooperating with artillery units. These units can sneak behind enemy lines to locate and ambush enemy artillery and missile units, while at the same time finding targets for the distant projectile weapons.

Role: scout, ambush, pursuit

Strengths: mobility, recon
armour, missile infantry, close combat


Armed with long spears, shock cavalry has the mobility to exploit weak points, attacking the exposed flanks of enemy formations and charging into the rear of enemy lines. Fast moving and fairly well protected, these units can provide timely support to your army's flanks. Try not to let your shock cavalry get pulled into a prolonged brawl; the safe tactic here is to strike, retreat, and strike again.

Role: flank ambush, hit-and-run attack

Strengths: heavy charge
Weaknesses: missile infantry, artillery, close combat


Skilled in close combat, these cavalrymen are an armoured fist to drive deep into enemy ranks. They greatly complement melee units, either serving as the vanguard of a heavy infantry charge, or providing the perfect follow-up against an enemy reeling from an infantry assault.

Role: main attack force

Strengths: heavy armour, protection against missile attacks (archers and slingers)
mobility, difficult terrain (forest, shallow waters, mud)


Carthaginian war elephants can terrify even the bravest souls on the battlefield. Heavy battle machines, elephants are nearly invulnerable to enemy attacks. They can crush infantry with ease, while their roar reduces the morale of all nearby enemies for an extended time.

Role: main attack force

Strengths: heavy armour, immune to flank attacks
pikemen, javelinmen, artillery

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